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Benefits of virgin coconut oil

Virgin Coconut Oil: Beauty And Skincare Benefits Of This Amazing Elixir

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  • Coconut Oil can kill Harmful Microorganisms
  • Coconut Oil could reduce Inflammation
  • Coconut Oil may help treat Acne

Coconut oil is the ubiquitous product that can be found in most households. It’s a multitasker that is used for a plethora of things- including caring for both your skin and hair.

Coconut oil is usually available in two varieties- Virgin Coconut oil (VCO) and Refined Coconut oil (RBD). The virgin coconut oil is produced from the coconut without any heat exposure, which is 100% natural, pure and unbleached. Studies have found that Virgin Coconut Oil provides a wide range of benefits for the skin. Worried about how to moisturize dry skin? How to cure pimples? How to reduce inflammation? Wondering what are the benefits of using Coconut Oil on skin?  No worries, virgin coconut oil can be your go-to product, which can help you solve your skin troubles. It is enriched with Vitamin E and is easily absorbed into the skin that aids in providing a soft, even and hydrated skin.

Here providing you with some of the prime aspects of coconut oil on how it treats various skin problems-

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

1. It can kill Harmful Microorganisms-

Coconut oil possesses antimicrobial properties that can protect against harmful microorganisms. This is particularly beneficial and helps with getting relief from skin conditions like acne, cellulitis and athlete’s foot, which are caused by fungi or bacteria.

2. Coconut Oil could reduce Inflammation-

High level of antioxidants is present in Virgin Coconut Oil that can stabilize free radicals in order to neutralize reactive atoms that cause inflammation.

3. Coconut Oil may help treat Acne-

The most common skin problem is the acne breakout that is often found to be irksome. Acne breakouts need to be treated with something antibacterial and that is why Coconut Oil is the best option for this. Coconut Oil contains lauric acid which has natural antibacterial properties that helps to prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

4. Coconut Oil Moisturizes Dry Skin-

Try applying Virgin Coconut Oil on your skin right after showering and witness the magic yourself! It creates a barrier over the skin by providing essential fatty lipids and trapping the water into the skin. As a result you get prolonged hydration and moisture that relieves you from dryness of your skin.

5. Coconut oil may help with Wound Healing-

Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil has long been used in Ayurvedic tradition for the treatment of various skin disorders, particularly minor cuts and wounds. Virgin coconut oil is a natural oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants that helps cuts and scrapes heal faster.


Apart from the above mentioned points, virgin coconut oil provides immense benefits to hair, skin and body. It’s a great potion which can provide solutions to a number of skin and hair related problems.


1. The use of Virgin Coconut Oil for Face-

The skin of our face is usually very sensitive as it is thinner than the skin of our body. So it is better to use products filled with natural goodness than using the harmful chemical ones from the market. Virgin Coconut Oil is the fat extracted from raw coconuts. Therefore, this emollient product can be used as moisturizer and also for skin tightening, lightening dark patches, removing wrinkles from your face. Those with very dry skin would be benefitted more by applying Virgin Coconut Oil. The oil can be particularly used-

 As face scrub

 As night cream

 As make-up remover

To get relief from sun-burn

How to Use-

Use sugar with coconut oil to make the scrubber and then rub your hands, feet and T-zone area gently. Rub a small amount of coconut oil directly onto the skin while using as night cream or as make-up remover. In case of sunburn, first apply a cool towel to the affected area for 15 minutes. Once the skin is cooled after several hours, then apply Coconut Oil to the affected area.


2. The use of Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair-

The benefits of coconut oil for hair do not require any raving since it has been used for ages for hair of all types. Coconut Oil is good for hair for many reasons. There are few alternatives which can take the place of coconut oil when it comes to taking care of our hair. But why is it always favoured? What is its specialty when it comes to hair?  Here are the reasons stated why coconut oil is so popular for hair-

It increases the hair volume

Prevents hair breakage and split ends

Fights against dandruff

Moisturizes the hair and scalp

Massaging the hair with nutrient-rich Virgin Coconut Oil can help to improve circulation of the blood through the hair and deeply nourish the hair as it has the potential to penetrate inside the hair shaft better than other oils due to its fatty acid structure and low molecular weight.

How to Use-

Directly apply the oil on the scalp by slightly heating it and massage thoroughly. Leave it overnight. To help reduce dandruff from your hair, mix the oil with lemon juice. For preventing split ends, mix the oil with egg and yogurt. This pack would also make your hair silky and shiny.


3. The use of Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin-

There are a number of benefits of using coconut oil on the skin. Virgin coconut oil can be frequently used on the body as part of a skin care regime. It helps to restore the skin’s natural PH levels making it soft and smooth. If applied right after shower, then it can lock the moisture of your skin. Coconut Oil is often used as base oil in body care products such as lotions, creams and body butters.

It can be used in feet because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

You can use it to massage your nails and cuticles.

Can be used as body scrubber

How to Use-

Follow the same procedure to use as body scrub as mentioned above. For the rest of the purposes apply the oil directly.


Frequently Asked Questions on Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil


1. How does coconut oil treat skincare problems?

Answer: Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties which is helpful in killing bacteria on the skin and also to protect the skin from infections and inflammation. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be used for treating acne issues. The signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging can be reduced by using Coconut Oil as it improves skin’s elasticity.


2. What are the beauty benefits of Virgin Coconut oil (VCO) on hair?

Answer: Virgin Coconut Oil works as a savior for dry, frizzy hair. Damaged hair due to regular ironing, styling or coloring can be repaired through regular use of Coconut Oil on the hair as it nourishes the dry strands, strengthens and protects hair reducing protein loss. It also helps your hair to be smooth, shiny and bouncy.


3. What are the beauty benefits of VCO on the body?

Answer: Coconut Oil is enriched in Vitamin E which is necessary for a healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Adding Coconut Oil to bath water will help to moisturize the skin of the entire body.


4. What’s the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and the other types available?

Answer: Virgin Coconut Oil is prepared by removing the dried coconut meat from the shell and pressing it to extract the natural oils. The oil is then filtered and packed. No extra flavor is added or taken away. The other type of Coconut Oil is usually the Refined Coconut Oil extracted from the dried flesh of inferior coconuts. It is bleached and deodorized. Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest form of oil which is not tampered unlike the Refined Coconut Oil.










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