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virgin coconut oil for skin

Why Is Virgin Coconut Oil So Good For Your Skin?

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  • There is no extraction or bleaching in the production of Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is enriched with antioxidants, which are essential in skin care.
  • There is no basic difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, just commercially labeled differently.


Coconut Oil has always been a trusted companion for hair and skin care. Specially Coconut Oil can be the remedy for several skin related problems. There are a number of benefits of Coconut Oil on face or benefits of coconut oil on skin. It can help to get rid of the dead cells. Also, Coconut Oil helps in improving blood circulation and prevention from fungal and bacterial infection and at the same time provides nutrition to the skin and also helps fight against pimples.


But is there a basic difference between normal Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut oil?


What is Virgin Coconut Oil?


So, what is Virgin Coconut Oil or what is the meaning of virgin coconut oil? The major difference between normal and Virgin Coconut Oil is the process of production. General Coconut Oil is made from the thick kernel of Coconut. Then the oil has to be extracted from Coconut and has to be refined eventually. The next step is to get rid of the smell of Coconut Oil and to use a scent to make it usable for the consumers in skincare.


On the other hand, Virgin Coconut Oil is made from Coconut without any heat exposure. Generally, there is no extraction or bleaching in the production of Virgin Coconut Oil. No chemical is used also. So the Virgin Coconut Oil has much more antioxidants than regular Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is useful in many ways because it is a source of fatty acid, it is enriched with essential vitamins, and its fresh aroma is just the icing on the cake!


Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin


  • Virgin Coconut Oil keeps the skin hydrated. As it is enriched with nutrients, it helps to effectively keep the moisture level intact. After bathing, one has to take a small amount of Virgin Coconut Oil in the palm and then massage it on the face. This will help to maintain your skin’s moisture level. Using virgin coconut oil for skin is a good beauty practice.
  • As Virgin Coconut Oil is enriched with antioxidants it can be used effectively for massaging. It works as a lubricant for the skin, which helps to maintain the blood circulation also.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil can also be effective in mitigating some skin diseases like eczema. Its antibacterial property helps to reduce the reddish spots and cracks on the skin caused by eczema and psoriasis. If infected, it is advised to use Virgin Coconut Oil on the infected skin area two times a day. This should bring you positive results in your skincare within a few days. Also Virgin Coconut Oil can reduce acne scarring.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil works very well as the base of a body scrub. It can be mixed with sugar or coffee grains and vanilla essence can be used as a chemical-free DIY body scrub at home. Especially in the winter, Virgin Coconut Oil can be used as a body moisturizer. Virgin Coconut Oil can be also used as a makeup remover after a hectic day.


Now, what is extra virgin coconut oil? And what is meant by virgin coconut oil? What is the difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? There is no basic difference between those two. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from a single press from fresh Coconut meat that is grated and dried for a couple of hours at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil possesses the properties as that of Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s just been labeled commercially as otherwise. Virgin Coconut Oil is mostly cold pressed, i.e, the oil is extracted using low heat.  Sometimes cold-pressed technology is not preferred because yields are higher when the heat is applied. However, the resulting oil is less pure than virgin coconut oil from cold-processed methods. Cold-pressed Coconut Oil is produced by removing the flesh from mature coconuts — which have a higher oil content. As a result, it can be a bit expensive compared to regular Coconut Oil. There is some reason why Cold Pressed Coconut Oil has been used extensively. As it is maintained in low heat, the nutrients in the oil remain intact. So Cold Pressed Coconut Oil can be a better choice for health-conscious people as it has a better impact in case of cardiovascular diseases and blood circulation. Extra virgin coconut oil for skin is a great thing to use.


How to reduce inflammation? Or how to moisturize dry skin?


 As mentioned before, Coconut Oil can be used in the skin for many purposes. Many celebrities have endorsed Coconut Oil as a body moisturizer and makeup remover. It also can be used as a deep conditioner and brush cleaner. Coconut oil increases hydration and collagen production and reduces inflammation, as a result leaving the skin refreshed and soft.


There are some common questions regarding Virgin Coconut Oil. Sometimes people ask if it is safe to take. Coconut oil is good for skin basically. Generally, Coconut Oil can be consumed with food but it is advised not to take it directly because VCO contains a type of fat that can increase the cholesterol effects. Another question is often also asked what is the difference between Virgin and refined Coconut Oil. The basic differences are fragrance and taste. Virgin Coconut Oil has a distinct flavor and taste, which copra based Coconut Oil lacks mostly. Finally, it is often asked why Virgin Coconut Oil is considered the healthiest oil of all. Using extra virgin coconut oil for the face is a part of the daily routine for many. Apart from the aforementioned skin benefits, Virgin Coconut Oil can be used in cooking and help to protect against heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions and improve the digestion system and get rid of the excess weight. Virgin Coconut Oil does not need to be kept in a refrigerator and the natural antioxidant gives the longest shelf life of any plant oil.


So, what are the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil on the skin? Virgin Coconut Oil is good for the skin for many reasons. It can be the oil for all seasons and can have several positive impacts on the skin. Just make it sure it is used properly and calculatingly.