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benefits of lavender oil

Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil Benefits in Summer

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The goodness of essential oils such as lavender oil and coconut oil and the benefits that tag along with them are plenty. After a long tiring day, you do look forward to home and the ways you can soothe yourself a little. Essential oils, in such cases, bring wonders to the table, creating room not just for improving your skin and hair but actively participating in relieving stress and anxiety.

Good skin, sleek hair, and a clear mind are all you need to keep working in the healthiest way. Hence, the versatility of organic oils is predefined.

There are multiple ways to use lavender oil for face and hair. While we juggle with our health and seek relaxation, lavender oil makes much of the work very easy. Besides relieving crucial infections, the lavender essential oil is also packed with antimicrobial properties. So when you need to get a detox, you’ll know the fastest and the easiest way to find it through lavender oil.


Benefits of Lavender Oil

Some of the benefits of organic oils and how they work on us are is given as follows:


Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin


A source of aromatherapy, lavender oil has numerous skin benefits that can work to heal acne and crucial skin complications.


1. Dealing with acne:


Skin breakouts are hard to take in. Your pores generally cannot get the oxygen it needs and hence, the cells underneath the skin surface get blocked. As much as we all yearn for acne-free skin, it is indeed quite a challenge to achieve one. But don’t worry, lavender oils are just perfectly distilled to fight off bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. Another very important aspect of lavender oil is its usefulness as a skin toner. Applying lavender oil by diluting it in coconut oil has long-term positive effects on skin moisture too. You don’t want to lag on consistency when you want naturally glowy skin; hence, not being lazy on using organic oils can help.


2. Bye-bye to dry skin:


Are you dealing with eczema, and it gets super annoying during midday? Well, all thanks to lavender essential oil for skin,you can now fight against skin eczema.The itchiness is a barrier when you’re trying to focus on something. Since lavender essential oil for skin is packed with antifungal properties, it can keep the eczema-related difficulties all at bay. Besides that, if you’re looking for a way to treat psoriasis, lavender oil is the right way to go. Mixing with a little bit of coconut oil, the lavender essential oil can be used daily as a serum.


Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Hair


Voluminous, shiny hair is what we opt for. Maybe you’re tired of using every shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment to avail a wonderful growth of your hair and still fail. You might want to try the most effective ones, which are organic and harmless. Lavender oil has always been popular amongst millennials for achieving good hair growth, giving faster results than most hair care products.


1. Hair serum:


Whether it’s a bad hair day with frizzy coils or the split ends that irritate you every single day of your life, lavender oil is your true resort. From scalp nourishment to hair growth stimulation, lavender oil for hair is an organic must-have haircare product.


2. Preventing lice:


The worst enemy of any healthy hair is head lice. You’re probably juggling through the stores to find a product that’ll help you battle them all. Almost all products produced for fighting head-lice contain harmful extractive substances that can take away the shine. Hence, lavender massage oil, being an alternative and organic, does a wonderful job in fighting off head lice.


Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin

A magical elixir, from the kitchen store to the skin surface, coconut oil is a lifesaver. The only way of using coconut oil is to figure out whether you have the authentic extract. Some of the skin benefits of coconut oil are:


1. Hydration:


The softness of the skin demands to stay protected. With the power of retention, coconut oil retains the skin moisture, protects the skin cells, and prevents dryness by providing hydration. This hydration also works as a useful barrier against toxins. The smoothing effect from hydration goes a long way throughout the day.


2. Fine lines, wrinkles, and you:


Skin ageing is a real issue. While there are thousands of different products available in the market, there are hardly any organic or natural solutions. Using coconut oil on a regular basis is definitely a go-to solution for the anti-ageing scheme. Since coconut oil is the most effective natural hydrator, it goes deep into the skin making the lines look less defined. Coconut oil benefits for skin are undeniable.


Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair


Widely and Predominantly used worldwide, coconut oil benefits for hair are known to all. Some of the benefits of coconut oil in summer are:


1. Damage control:


Almost all haircare products promise to prevent damage and breakage of hair, but how many do you think keep their word? Coconut oil is a natural enhancer, and thus, using coconut oil before a shower can help prevent breakage owing to significant damage to hair.


2. Dandruff and hair loss prevention:


Hair loss is a big issue amongst many. Coconut oil aids hair loss as well as treats dandruff. The growth of fungus and yeast on our hair and scalp can build dandruff during summer times. Since coconut oil has natural microbial properties, you’d be worry-free to use it for treating your dandruff.


Lavender oil is recognised as a safe route for many as it offers many skin benefits. Furthermore, using lavender oil and coconut oil as a mixture has proven to be great in the form of a makeup base. The natural ingredients help to take care of your skin and expect the best outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions On Benefits Of Lavender Oil


1. Can we use coconut oil in summer?

Ans. Summer takes away all the moisture, and it’s the perfect season to use coconut oil to prevent your skin from dryness. The goodness of coconut oil accompanies the smooth summer feel.


2. Where is the best place to put lavender oil in our body?

Ans. The temples of the body are the best place to put lavender oil since it helps to de-stress. They are located just beside your forehead.


3. What does lavender oil do for the body?

Ans. From treating skin eczema to relaxation, lavender oil benefits for skin and hair are vital. Besides, it also helps with insomnia and menstrual cramps.


4. Can I apply lavender oil directly to my skin?

Ans. Yes, lavender oil can be used with or without any carrier oil.