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Here is how Selena and her friends surprised Ms Jennifer on Teachers Day

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“To the world you may be a teacher, but to your students you are a Hero!”- these were the words engraved in the white mug lying on Ms. Jennifer’s Table. It was a gift from Selena and her classmates. Jennifer teaches Foundation courses in her respective University. It was almost nearing the end of Semester and Selena and her friends decided to Surprise her on World Teachers’ Day. Ms. Jennifer has been a great mentor & guide both on and off class hours. As a result, she has naturally earned a special place in her students’ hearts. However, her dedication comes at a cost, that of immense stress and mental pressure. Given much thought, Selena and her friends decided to come up with a gift that would help her unwind and destress – Coconut oil & Himalayan Salt bath melts for the much needed relaxation that Miss Jennifer deserves.

Come World Teachers’ Day (5th October), Ms. Jennifer found a Mason jar on her table neatly tied up in a pink & purple ribbon bow along with a parchment waiting for her arrival. The note read ‘You’re our guide, a friend, a critic; last but not the least, you’ve shown us the light. Here’s celebrating World Teachers’ Day with the Greatest Teacher of all time!” She was surprised speechless. Watch this Video to learn how to make the Perfect Rejuvenating Homemade Coconut and Himalayan Salt bath melts.