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Magic of Coconut Oil to treat Eczema

Magic of Coconut Oil to treat Eczema

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Eczema continues to be one of the most irritating (literally and figuratively) skin conditions that ever been on our skin. If you are suffering from eczema, you must have tried out every eczema treatment there is, including home remedies for eczema. Some natural remedies for eczema are hit and miss,some are better at treating eczema. Coconut oil is one of them, and we will know all about how coconut oil for eczema works. But first, let us find out what exactly eczema is.


What is eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that causes red, dry, itchy, and scaly patches on your skin, and those patches which can crack and bleed. This irritating and sometimes painful condition is often called contact dermatitis. 

Eczema’s symptoms start to appear in children under five. It is a chronic skin condition that can continue to flare up and diminish over the years. There is no eczema cure yet, but you can alleviate its symptoms with medical help or natural remedies for eczema


Coconut oil for eczema

Coconut oil has an abundance of health benefits, thanks to its vital component, lauric acid. Lauric acid is saturated fat and an active ingredient in natural remedies for eczema. Virgin coconut oil is also rich in antioxidants, which are crucial for soothing eczema symptoms. 

While coconut oil does offer alleviation, you need to remember that eczema is different from person to person. So, you need to do a patch test before applying coconut oil to your affected areas to see if you are allergic to coconut oil.

Here’s how coconut oil benefits your eczema problem-

1. Protects skin:

One of the things that make coconut oil extraordinary is, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It protects your skin and gives a soothing feeling, and reduces skin irritation caused by eczema.

2. Hydrates skin:

If you have eczema, you may have noticed your skin isn’t hydrating as much as it should. That’s because eczema reduces your skin’s ability to hydrate properly. Coconut oil is moisturising and has an abundance of hydrating agents, making coconut oil one of the potent natural treatments for eczema. When virgin coconut oil is applied topically on eczema-affected skin, it shows a remarkable hydration improvement. 

3. Significantly reduces bacteria:

Bacterial infection can exasperate your eczema. Coconut oil can reduce bacteria colonies quite efficiently as it is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid has antimicrobial properties, which make it so effective at lowering fungi and bacteria. Moreover, coconut oil is easily absorbable by your skin, which enhances its moisturising benefits manifold. Lauric acid is the reason why coconut oil is highly absorbable by your skin.

4. Reduces itching:

Eczema can make your skin crack and bleed. If you give in to the urge of itching, it will only make things worse and can lead to infection. Coconut oil is used as an eczema treatment because it reduces the itching sensation and gives you some respite. 

5. Reduces oxidative stress:

Coconut oil is high in antioxidants, and antioxidants are beneficial in treating skin conditions, including eczema. 


How you can use coconut oil for eczema:

Organic coconut oil:

Use only virgin coconut oil or cold-pressed organic coconut oil as a home remedy for eczema. It ensures the oil you use for your skin is extracted from coconut without any use of chemicals that can potentially irritate your skin. 

1. Slightly damp skin:

Apply coconut oil to your damp skin at least twice a day. You can use coconut oil if you are currently experiencing eczema symptoms or in-between outbreaks. It will prevent the symptoms from returning and keep your eczema condition from getting worse. This practice will also keep your skin inflammation at bay and your skin moisturised for a more extended period.

2. Liquefy Melt and apply:

Coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature. So, when you use coconut oil as an eczema remedy, take a dab of some coconut oil in your hands and rub them together. The heat from rubbing will liquefy the oil, and when applied, it will also give you a soothing sensation. 

3. Apply the oil before bedtime:

If you feel your skin is dry in the morning, apply coconut oil liberally to your skin before you go to bed. It allows your maximum skin absorption of coconut oil. Remember to remove excess oil from your face.

4. Use a cotton swab for eyelids:

If you intend to use coconut oil to treat eczema on your eyelids, do it cautiously with cotton swabs, so it doesn’t get into your eyes. Coconut oil is not harmful to your eyes, but it can blur your vision, so do this process before going to sleep.

5. Use coconut oil for eczema on the scalp:

You can use coconut oil in place of a conditioner for eczema treatment at home. Apply the oil directly to your scalp and massage the scalp tenderly with your fingertips. Let the oil sit for a few minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.



Do not stop your current medication for eczema if you start applying coconut oil to your skin. It is not a replacement for eczema medications; rather, it complements them. Let your doctor know you are adding coconut oil to your eczema treatment

Due to cross-reactivity, some people who are allergic to hazelnuts or walnuts can also be allergic to coconut. If you are allergic to coconut, do not use coconut oil as a natural remedy for eczema on your skin. Do a patch test to know if you are allergic to coconut oil.



How do you use coconut oil for eczema?

You can apply virgin coconut oil topically on your eczema-affected skin area. You can also use coconut oil on your skin before bedtime.

What stops itching from eczema naturally?

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to eczema affected areas, it soothes the skin and reduces itching from eczema.

Which oil is best for eczema?

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for eczema as it is rich in lauric acid, a key component for treating skin conditions, including eczema. 

How do you prevent eczema symptoms from returning?

Take your medication for this condition properly, and for treating eczema at home, you can apply coconut oil on your eczema-affected skin. If used regularly, it prevents the symptoms from returning and reduces the itching sensation. 



Treating eczema is no easy task, as there is no cure for it. But use coconut oil as a natural remedy for eczema and it can indeed reduce your sufferings and itching from this irritating eczema.