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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with Coconut Oil

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  • Stretch marks appear when an individual gain or loses weight very fast.
  • Stretch marks indicate that the body’s growth is occurring at a rate faster than the skin’s ability to accommodate growth.
  • Vitamin E, Proteins and Saturated Fat found in Coconut oil can greatly reduce stretch marks.
  • Rub Coconut oil on affected regions and keep it for half an hour.
  • Repeat the procedure regularly for longer lasting benefits.

Stretch marks fall in the category of skin scarring. They often take forms of off-color toned marks that start as reddish or purple spots and then slowly change to white or gray. They appear due to the stretching of the skin. Mostly seen among pregnant women, stretch marks also appear when an individual gains or loses weight very fast. The science behind it is simple – whether it’s pregnancy or any other reason, the rapid stretching of the skin leads to elastic fibres beneath the surface of the skin to break form and thus create marks.

Stretch marks mean that the body’s growth and the rate at which weight is gained are not proportional. In simple terms, the body is gaining weight faster than the skin can grow to accommodate all the extra mass. These marks can appear anywhere on the body, especially in areas where more fat gets stored during weight gain. Not only exclusive to women, men can be victims to stretch marks as well. Most common areas where stretch marks appear include upper and under arms, abdomen, back, hips, thighs, buttocks and chest.

People often think that the only way to get rid of these stretch marks are through medical procedures. But an easy remedy including something as simple as coconut oil can free anyone from these stretch marks without much effort.

Coconut oil and its numerous benefits when applied on the skin can help anyone reduce, and even remove stretch marks that appear from fast weight gain.


Coconut Oil Benefits

Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps extensively in restoring skin back to normal. If applied on a regular basis, it can smoothen the skin and repair damaged areas that consist of stretch marks. As an amazing anti-oxidant, coconut oil helps the skin defend against harmful and toxic chemicals that come in contact with the body.

Proteins – Coconut oil is rich in essential protein that helps the body in repairing damaged areas.

Saturated Fats – Coconut oil also contains saturated fats that help the skin retain moisture. Especially helpful for dry skin, the saturated fat reduces the damage caused due to skin stretching.


Coconut Oil Remedy 

  • It is very important to choose the best Coconut oil available to keep one’s hair healthy. Coconut oil is inexpensive and easy to find. There are plenty of renowned brands out there and you can find yourself a very good deal from any of the grocery stores.
  • Apply on skin. Use a teaspoon to scoop up some coconut oil. Use a small cotton ball to absorb the oil within it. Slowly apply it on the areas on the skin that contains stretch marks. Rub it in well and slowly massage the skin to allow the oil to be absorbed.
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Take a break and let the oil be completely absorbed by the skin. The longer you keep it, the faster is the healing process.

Hormones including glucocorticoids are mainly responsible for stretch marks. During fast weight gain, they prevent the fibroblasts from forming the important collagen and elastic fibres that keep the skin tight. Using coconut oil on a regular basis helps fight against these hormones and reduce, even remove, stretch marks very quickly. In addition to coconut oil, more remedies including natural elements like potatoes can also help you take one step further in the stretch mark removal process.