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eva mendes beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets That Keep Eva Mendes Looking Youthful

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  • American actress, model and businesswoman Eva Mendes is regarded as a beauty icon throughout the world.
  • She swears by using beauty tools for looking revived all the time.
  • She passes on sugar to maintain her tantalizing skin and body.


It’s tough to look at Eva Mendes and not feel a rush of envy. If you watched We Own the Night, Stuck on You, Hitch or any other movies of her, there are high chances that you had a hard time getting your eyes off of her.

It’s quite natural to feel frustrated if a 46-year-old has more radiant skin than most of us twenty-something years olds.

It seems unbelievable that the actress from 2 Fast 2 Furious actress is in her forties. But know that it takes a lot of effort to maintain this timeless glory. However, don’t be intimidated either. The Eva Mendes skin care routine is not from out of the world. 

The humble actress doesn’t limit her beauty secrets only to herself. In fact, from time to time, this enchanting beauty has shared her beauty tips and tricks. So, if you’d like to know about the celebrity beauty tips of Eva Mendes, stay tuned with us.


Eva Mendes Beauty Tips


1. Always Use A Makeup Removal:

This shouldn’t come as any shocker, rather common knowledge. For her work, she needs to put on heavy makeup on a daily basis. But even if she’s wearing light makeup, she takes the task of removing makeup seriously. That’s why one of her most important beauty tips is to always remove makeup before going to bed.

But why does she emphasize this among numerous other beauty tips? Well, when we sleep, our skin cells start renewing themselves. Therefore, to give them enough space to breathe, we must remove our makeup before sleeping. Thus, you can also keep away breakouts and bumps.


2. Use Beauty Tools:

Yes, our evergreen beauty is also obsessed with different beauty tools like the netizens. Her celebrity skin care routine is incomplete without it.

But instead of laying her hands on any random equipment, she uses the top-notch ones. She swears by using microcurrent devices. 

Not only that, the humble beauty admits that even she has to suffer from puffy eyes due to aging and stress. But it doesn’t stop her from looking her best. The facial rollers help her in fighting off those puffy eyes. To retain more benefit, she suggests you store your roller in the fridge.


3. Sugar, No, Please!:

Spoken like a true beauty expert, she divulged that she restrains herself from indulging in sugar. Sounds like those conventional actress beauty tips, right? But the habit aids her in maintaining a swoon-worthy body and skin. 

However, you don’t have to cut off foods that naturally have sugar in it like fruits, vegetables and milk. The only sugar you need to eliminate from your diet is the processed one. Nevertheless, she cuts herself some slack and relishes her favorite desserts occasionally. Then again, she reminds that moderation is the key.


4. Embrace A Diet That’s Rich in Protein:

Her celebrity beauty tips include eating lots of proteins. That’s why she starts off her day by gorging on eggs. She experiments a lot with different kinds of egg recipes. However, scrambled eggs with a slice of Ezekiel toast is her go-to option.

In addition to proteins, she advises you to incorporate some grains into your meals. She loves to have Salmon with rice. Also, she has salads for both for her lunch and dinner because what can be healthier than that?


5. Accentuate Your Features:

Eva knows how to make her face shape and features stand out. After all, she has learned from the bests! Whenever her makeup artists are working their magic on her, she pays attention to what they’re doing. Thus, she has discovered that applying blush horizontally on her cheeks does wonders for her long face. Besides, she also believes that putting a bit of blush on her nose breaks its length and makes it appear more pleasant.


6. Make Your Eyes Pop:

Eyes are the focal point of most makeup looks. That’s why Eva Mendes beauty tips also include applying makeup to your eyes in an elaborate manner. However, she doesn’t believe in rigidity and so suggests that you should play around with different kinds of eyeliners for different occasions.

You can apply liner both on your upper and lower eyelids depending on where you’re going and how much energy you have. But if you prefer seemingly effortless makeup, don’t go for a winged look.


7. Schedule A Hair Treatment:

Hair treatments aren’t a fancy way of hair care. Rather, they’re quite necessary. To avoid hair fall or dry and frizzy hair, she always resorts to various hair treatments. 

But why? Well, during those treatments, the ingredients penetrate deeply into your roots and make them strong from the within. So, weekly hair treatments can be a great hair care ritual to make your locks luscious. 


8. Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow:

Lipsticks possess the power to transform a whole look from ‘nay’ to ‘yay’ or vice versa. So, in following Eva’s beauty routine, you should apply your lipstick delicately.  

But how? Initially, dab on a bit of chapstick. It’ll make your lips look plumper. Then using a lip liner, draw your lips. The colour must be the same as your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick. You can lightly blot out the lips so that the lipstick doesn’t transfer to your teeth. Finally, take a thin brush and apply a little highlighter on your cupid’s bow. Trust me, it’ll make you look more luminous. 


9. Use Homemade Products:

Yes, Eva Mendes skincare products also comprise of kitchen ingredients. Coconut oil is her holy grail. She uses it with yogurt and sea salt for exfoliation. Furthermore, she counts on ice water to conceal her fatigue. 

Eva Mendes skin care is simple to follow. Her beauty routine is pretty convenient for mass people and you won’t have to go broke for that. So, incorporate her beauty secrets to your skin care regime and emulate her youthful glow in no time.

Also, check out what Emma Stones has to say about her beauty secrets. To read more about coconut oil and its benefits, head over to our coco science blog section.


Frequently Asked Questions On Eva Mendes Beauty Secrets


How can I get youthful glowing skin?

– Every celebrity skin care routine consists of high-quality sunscreens to defer the signs of aging ageing. Also, you should use collagen-rich products and exfoliate twice a week to preserve your youthful glow for the longest time.


How can I get glowing skin at 40?

– Always follow CTM ( cleansing>toning>moisturizing) method twice a day. Besides, use good serums that have antioxidant elements in them. Other than that, use retinol at night. And don’t forget to put on your sunscreen the next day. 


How can I look younger?

– Use a hydrating mask to make your skin tighter. Depuff your eyes with ice before getting ready. Also, if you can, try to lighten your hair. These will help you look younger.


How can I glow overnight?

– Add DIY masks that have milk, honey, rose water or aloe vera gel in them to your beauty routine. If you use the mask at night, you’ll certainly wake up with a glowy face.


How can a woman look younger at 40?

– Looking more youthful at 40 is possible if you maintain a healthier lifestyle. So, cut out sugar and carbs from your diet and stick to your skin care routine as if your life depends on it.









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