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6 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil In Spring

6 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil In Spring

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  • Coconut oil is a powerful product for moisturising your body and face.
  • It can hydrate chapped lips too.
  • You can prepare fruitful hair masks and deep conditioners with this oil.
  • Instead of chemical products, you can remove your makeup using this oil.


Our grandmothers didn’t exaggerate when they swore by coconut oil benefits. It’s not only a holy grail for our hair but we can also use the oil differently on our body and face. 

People have been availing coconut oil for health benefits for ages. But not many people know how to incorporate this oil into their skincare. Here, we’ll discuss several coconut oil uses. So, please bear with us.


Uses Of Coconut Oil In Spring:


1. Coconut Oil for Hair:

When we talk about coconut oil benefits, its efficacy for the hair tops the chart. If you consistently use it, your locks will be more luminous than ever. But why are we obsessed with coconut oil for hair?

  • The oil can penetrate deep into your hair follicles and make them stronger. 
  • It moisturises dry hair and tames frizz.
  • The oil also minimizes hair fall and treats dandruff.
  • It hinders split ends or breakage. 
  • Other than that, it adds a lustre to your hair and makes it softer.

So, massage your scalp two to three times a week with coconut oil. Leave it overnight. If that’s not possible, let it sit for at least two hours before shampooing. Apart from applying it directly to your hair, you can use it to make different hair masks, and deep conditioners.


2. Coconut Oil To Moisturise Your Face:

You can use coconut oil for face as well. If you have dry skin, you can use this oil as a moisturiser as a part of your skin care. It’ll hydrate your skin, and minimize the appearance of flakes. It also stimulates collagen production and increases the elasticity of your skin.


3. Coconut Oil As A Makeup Remover:

Coconut oil wipes away makeup from your face diligently. It’ll make your skin more supple. As it contains hydrating properties, it leaves your face feeling softer. 

So, soak a cotton ball in this oil and gently wipe away your makeup. But don’t forget to follow it up with a mild cleanser or facial foam. Otherwise, it’ll clog your pores.


4. Coconut Oil As A Body Lotion:

Yes, it’s an amazing way to moisturise your body. Coconut oil has lauric acid in it. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of this oil make your skin smooth and radiant. If you have been wondering how actresses have such glossy skin, know that a lot of them use this oil to moisturise their body.


5. Coconut Oil for Lips:

If your lips are still bearing the brutality of winter, you may use coconut oil for lips. The fatty acid present in this oil treats chapped lips and locks moisture. So, use it as a lip balm consistently and your lips will look more luscious than ever.


6. Coconut Oil for Eyes:

If you’re someone with dry under eyes or eyelids, this one’s for you. You can use extra virgin coconut oil to treat this problem. As a bonus, the areas will become brighter. 

So, take two or three drops of coconut oil and gently massage over your eyelids and under your eyes. You may also apply it with a cotton ball. Close your eyes for 15 minutes after that and let it cast the magic.


Coconut oil benefits are innumerable. Most of us are familiar with its supremacy in hair care. But how many of us know that you can use coconut oil for eyes . Yes, from our head to toes, coconut oil can revitalize it all. So, this spring, improve your skin care regimen by increasing the usage of coconut oil.

We hope this article could introduce you to some new ways of utilizing coconut oil for health.So, incorporate these methods to your beauty routine and unlock better skin and hair.


Frequently Asked Questions On Uses Of Coconut Oil In Spring:


1. Can I use coconut oil every night?

– There‘s no restriction when it comes to using coconut oil. You can massage your scalp with it every night as a part of your hair care routine. Moreover, if you have dry skin, you can include it to your night-time skincare as well.


2. What are some good uses for coconut oil?

– You can use coconut oil for the face, in your deep conditioner, as a lip balm, body lotion, teeth whitener, and in many other ways.


3. Does coconut oil help your hair grow faster?

– Coconut oil is known to promote hair growth. The vitamins and fatty acids found in this oil nourish your scalp and make your hair grow faster.


4. Can I put coconut oil directly on my skin?

– Yes, you can unless you have sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are beneficial for your skin.