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 • Face Care Blogs • Got Acne Scars? Use Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Them Easily!
Got Acne Scars? Use Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Them Easily!

Got Acne Scars? Use Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Them Easily!

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Do you know what’s worse than pimples or acne breakout? Acne scars, which are hard difficult to remove.

We often wonder how to remove acne scars because acne breakouts and pimple marks can result in discomfort and embarrassment. These issues affect most people during their adolescent years or later. So, it’s important to know how to remove pimple marks. For better results, you can try some natural remedies like coconut oil for acne scars at home. But before getting to know about acne scars treatment at home, let’s begin with the major causes behind pimple marks.


How Acne Scars Are Caused?

Acne or pimple scars can be caused by several factors, although sometimes the reason behind acne scars can be the body’s normal healing process. 

If excess oil and dirt accumulate around the pores and follicles, the skin can become clogged. This can result in acne breakouts in the forms of blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, and nodules, etc. Among these, blackheads and whiteheads do not usually leave scars. But if you experience inflammatory acne, it might leave scars on your skin, making it very stressed and irritated.

Also, acne scars can occur due to excessive or too little collagen in our skin. Collagen is a protein content our body produces when our skin is healing from acne damages.

Now that we know about the causes of acne and pimple scars, let’s get into the details of pimple removal home remedies. While talking about natural remedies for acne scars, the first name that experts recommend is coconut oil, as there are various benefits of using coconut oil for acne scars. Let’s discuss how coconut oil can help to remove acne marks.


Why Is Coconut Oil Good To Remove Acne Scars?

Coconut oil is good for acne-prone skin because it contains vitamin E and proteins, which help in cell repair and regrowth as well as unclogging pores. Coconut oil can be used You can use coconut to treat sunburns and wounds, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help remove acne marks. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which works wonderfully to remove acne scars

Let’s see how we can use coconut oil for acne scars.


How To Get Rid Of Pimple Marks Using Coconut Oil

We already know that coconut oil is a brilliant home remedy for acne scars. There are two ways to use coconut oil for pimple marks: 

Coconut Oil With A Steam Bath

To get the best of coconut oil, one of the best pimple removal home remedies, you can try this coconut oil with a steam bath method at home. As said before, because of its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a great idea to use coconut oil for pimple marks. To get rid of acne scar using coconut oil, follow these steps:

  • Take a pot of water and boil it until it begins to steam
  • Drape a towel over your head and shoulders. It will help guide the steam towards your face. Stand far enough from the steam so that the heat does not harm your skin
  • Remove the towel after five minutes of steaming. Your pores should be fully open by now
  • Take a small amount of coconut oil (about one teaspoon) and massage it gently onto your face in circular motions
  • Take a face towel and soak it in warm water and press it against your face for a few minutes
  • Get rid of any coconut oil residue by patting your skin and gently wiping it dry with a towel

Warm Coconut Oil

If you are facing acne scar problems, you can try this method and enjoy the extra hydrating and acne-repelling benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil can be applied topically to remove acne. If you have dry skin, this method can be a good choice. Follow these steps:

  • Take one teaspoon of coconut oil and heat it for a while until it’s warm
  • Directly apply the coconut oil to the problem areas
  • Rub the coconut oil on the problem areas in a circular motion
  • Finish by wiping away any leftover coconut oil from your face

As a home remedy for acne scars, this method works wonders.

Tips To Avoid Acne Scars

If you want to avoid acne scars, here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to follow:

  • Do not pick your face or poke the pimples
  • Use natural healing products
  • Try to maintain a good hygiene
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid too much excessive sugar intake
  • Try to avoid too much sun exposure 
  • Keep your pillowcases clean

Now that you know the benefits of coconut oil and the remedies you can use at home, go ahead and give them a try as a home remedy for acne scars and indulge in the goodness of this beauty elixir.



Does coconut oil help remove acne scars?

Yes, coconut oil helps to get rid of acne scars. Coconut oil is good for acne-prone skin because it contains vitamin E and proteins, both of which help in cell repair and regrowth as well as unclogging pores.

How should I use coconut oil for acne scars?

You can use coconut oil to remove pimple marks in two methods. First, after giving your face a steam bath, you can apply coconut oil topically on your acne scars. Second, you can simply warm up a little coconut oil and apply it on your acne scars. 

Which oil is best for acne scars?

Coconut oil works wonderfully to remove acne scars. Also, essential oils like tea tree oil or lavender oil, etc. can also be helpful for acne scars.


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