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How to get rid of blackheads

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  • Blackheads appear as tiny bumps on the skin which generally appear on the face.
  • Applying cleanser, Using clay mask, charcoal mask or skin brush can solve blackheads problem.
  • Green tea, honey mask, or mint toothpaste can be some effective DIY removal treatment of blackheads.

Blackheads appear as tiny bumps on the skin. They are a result of clogged hair follicles. They get the name blackheads because on the surface they look black. Blackheads generally appear on the face but can also be found on the back, chest, arms and shoulders.

When the opening of hair follicles fill up, that is when blackheads appear. Every hair follicle is supposed to contain one hair along with a gland that produces oil. The oil is known as sebum and its purpose is to keep the skin soft. When dead skin cells clog up these follicles, a bump called  Comodo is produced. This is what causes black heads. There are certain factors that increase the chances of one getting blackheads. This includes the body producing too much oil, the buildup of bacteria on skin, when dead skin cells fail to shed, hormonal changes and the use of birth control pills. In the following article, we will discuss possible ways to remove black heads by proposing a handful of remedies for black heads.

What Causes Blackheads:

1. Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid.

This product helps remove black heads by binding with the stuff that clogs pores, like dead skin cells and oil. Some people tend to have sensitive skin and this product is not recommended for them. You should start off by using it to cleanse your face once every other day and continue its use if your skin does not react against it.

2. Use a skin brush.

A skin brush helps black heads treatment by removing dead skin cells. Dermatologists recommend the use of skin brushes very occasionally especially to people with sensitive skin. There are skin brushes available in the market, both the manual and automatic ones and you can choose what suits your skin better. Both work well for black head treatment.

3. Use a clay mask.

When learning how to get rid of black heads, one often comes across the clay mask procedure. The mask helps to get rid of black heads by pulling out toxins from the skin while unclogging pores. The sulfur contained in the clay mask also removes dead skin cells by binding with them.

4. Use a charcoal mask.

Like its counterpart clay mask, charcoal mask works exceptionally well to remove black heads. It draws out oil along with other impurities and leaves the face black head free. Also, check out our blog on how to make face masks for different skin types.

5. Wash off your makeup at night.

One very important remedy for black heads or rather a case in point for how to prevent black heads from appearing in the first place, is washing your face before going to bed when you have makeup on. Makeup, especially the powder forms clog up pores very easily and will almost inevitably contribute to the appearance of black heads. Using a soft cleanser to wash your makeup every night will save you the time of asking the question, “How to get rid of black heads?”

Let us now discuss some DIY blackhead removal techniques that are designed to help get rid of blackheads. The most commonplace in which blackheads appear is black heads on the nose. We will propose some effective remedies for black heads in the following article.

Home Remedies To Remove Blackheads:

 1. Applying green tea-

All you need to do is boil up some green tea leaves and strain the water. Then let the liquid cool and apply it on the affected area. Let this sit for a few minutes. Use a scrub to wash it off. This process works very well for black head removal on the nose as well as black heads on chin.

 2. Applying a honey mask-

For this method of black head removal on the nose, take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the nose and wait a few minutes. The honey will make it easy for the pores to clear out once you wash your face.

3. Using mint toothpaste-

This is a rather unconventional DIY black head removal technique. This method requires you to apply toothpaste on the affected area and gently use a brush to massage it. After a few minutes you wash your face with cold water and ice the area so that the pores close. The unconventional remedy for black heads is said to have worked wonders for people.

4. Exfoliating with baking soda-

Start off by making a paste of one tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of distilled water. Gently massage the affected area with the mixture and let it dry. Wash off with water afterwards. This will not only remove black heads on the nose, and rest of your face, but it will also make your complexion brighter.

There are various other home remedies for black heads and countless ways to get rid of black heads on the nose. Steaming face and applying lemon juice mask to name a few. Some people would like to know how to remove black heads from nose permanently and this can be done by booking an appointment with a good dermatologist. They may prescribe powerful cramps or even sulfur spot treatment, both of which will help fulfill the purpose.

Head over to our face care blog section for more such articles on face & skin health.

Frequently Asked Questions On Solution For Dandruff In Winter

How do I get rid of black heads instantly?

Using baking soda mixed with distilled water works very well in helping remove black heads instantly.

How can I remove black heads?

There are many remedies for black heads ranging from charcoal and clay face masks to DIY face masks.

What causes black heads?

Clogging of pores due to oil and dead skin cells is what causes black heads.

What happens if you don’t remove black heads?

For most people nothing happens if you don’t remove black heads, however, it can result in deep black heads. It is better to get rid of black heads before they turn into a bigger problem.

Do black heads go away?

Yes, there are multiple ways to get rid of black heads like masks and various home remedies for black heads as well.

Does drinking water reduce black heads?

Drinking water keeps the face hydrated, thus eliminating excess oil so it can help in reducing black heads.

How do I permanently get rid of black heads on my nose? Black heads on the nose are very common and can be taken care of with the help of professional medical advice.











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