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Use Coconut Oil for Soft Plump Lips This Winter

Use Coconut Oil for Soft Plump Lips This Winter

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  • Chapped lips need special care in winter
  • Coconut Oil has Vitamin E which is especially good for chapped lips.
  • Coconut Oil heals the scabby tissue and restores the natural softness and plumpness of the lips


There are certain things we hate doing in winter such as not wanting to wake up to go to work, not going under the cold shower and not drinking enough water. Regardless of all that, one of the most important things during winter is a perfect or close to perfect skin care routine. Low consumption of water leads to various problems such as cramps, drowsiness, and most importantly dry skin. Among all the problems, chapped lips need special winter lip care. Nature has a way of producing a solution to every problem. In this case, it is Coconut Oil for lips. The absorbing and softening nature of it makes Coconut Oil good for lips.


Coconut Oil for Dry Lips:


Dry lips are one of the primary concerns for women of all age categories since while applying lipstick, crème, matte or liqueur, they tend to get scabby. Nobody likes broken lipstick lines. Moreover, scabby lips stop you from portraying your million-dollar smile. Hence winter lip care should absolutely have a place in your list of home remedies for dry lips.


1. Full of rich nutrients:

As we all know, Coconut Oil is good for dry skin and Coconut Oil in winter works even better because of the vitamin E supplements that in a way get out weighted by the UV rays. This makes it especially good for chapped lips. If we are to discuss the benefits of Coconut Oil for skin, the list will be longer than the Nile River. It includes moisturizing, sunscreen properties, skin healing, and this is all just leaving out all the benefits of applying Coconut Oil on the body. Basically, if you need a massage after a hard day of work, rubbing Coconut Oil on the body followed by a warm bath is going to do just the trick.


2. Great home remedies:

To utilize the benefits of Coconut Oil on the skin every day, there are quite a few tricks. We are going to focus on home remedies for dry lips. One of the practices that have been sworn by Kourtney Kardashian is, mixing Coconut Oil with sugar to make a scrub and applying it every morning on her lips, and keeping it on until her skincare routine is over with. She has sworn in POOSH that Coconut Oil is indeed good for lips and has included it in her winter lip care. Home remedies for dry lips also include a mixture of lemon juice and Coconut Oil that can be applied to the lips and as a bonus to the hair.


Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil:


The benefits of applying Coconut Oil on lips are countless since you will be left with plump and luscious lips that will not even need lipstick. Your lips will be naturally glossy and well-shaped. However, if you do decide to put on some of it, you will not run the risk of cracked lip lines and that is one less thing to worry about. Here are the main benefits-


1. Soft lips:

Applying Coconut Oil on lips will make you visibly feel better, soft and take it from every woman who has tried it. There are obviously other home remedies for dry lips, however, the best way is to go natural. Coconut Oil for lips is surely the most natural non-synthetic form of it.


2. Hydrated:

Hydration is one of the benefits of applying Coconut Oil to lips. First and foremost, during winter people tend to drink less water which leads to dry skin and dry lips. Applying Coconut Oil in winter is extremely beneficial since it gently heals the scabby tissue, and restores the natural softness and plumpness of the lips. Your lips become exactly how they’re supposed to be.


3. Less skin-related issue:

Applying Coconut Oil on your face all day long on an off day can and will block your pores which might cause an acne outbreak or even make the Coconut Oil contribute to chapped lips. The trick is to apply a little bit at night and a little bit in the morning before doing your makeup. When washing off the night dose, you might want to use some rose water. That will double the benefits.


Coconut Oil is a dermatologist recommended treatment for dry lips with its vitamin E and other important supplements. It heals, protects, restores, and soothes your skin.



1) What to do if you have extremely dry lips?

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Coconut oil is very good for lips, especially for winter lip care. Applying coconut oil on dry lips every morning will leave it nice and plump.


2) Does Coconut Oil make lips pink?

Benefits of coconut oil include lightening skin tone. So, yes it will make lips more pink. Its hydrating powers naturally enhance the pinkish hue of the lips.


3) How can I moisturize my dry lips naturally?

Use non synthetic oils such as coconut oil. Coconut oil for chapped lips works beautifully because of its natural healing properties.