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Winter Wedding Makeup Removal with Coconut Oil

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  • Facial makeup is an important part of winter weddings.
  • Coconut oil is a great natural solution for removing heavy makeup.
  • Take a small portion of Coconut oil and rub it gently into your eyelashes and skin until the makeup comes off.
  • Gently press your skin with a warm towel to wipe off the oil.

Winter is right around the corner and when winter dawns upon us every year, it brings about an array of things we look forward to. From seasonal delicacies in winter fruits to sporting your significant other’s hoodies, winter has its fair share of attractions we all look forward to.

However, a particular event that happens to stand out from the bunch because of all the glamour and the flamboyance is a winter wedding. It’s that time of the year where you want to make a statement with your appearance. While the men get their double breasted suits out of their closets, all ready to be sported with that perfect winter tie, the ladies happen to notch it up a bit. Starting from getting your hands on that one designer’s piece you don’t want anyone else wearing at the wedding to putting on your favorite pair of jewelry, one thing that women take even more seriously is their facial makeup.

Be it a very long visit to the parlor or a one-wo(man)-show at home, women take a lot of time to put their makeup on as a lot of attention and care goes into each detail and increment of the process.

The event starts, everyone tells you how amazing you look, you get that much desired wedding picture under the perfect lighting, and everything else is pretty much perfect. You go home and you’re finally relieved of a big burden off your chest, right? Wrong

Now, begins the real battle. All the hours and effort that went into making you look like your much desired Vogue cover page star, must now be undone. It’s time to get rid of all that foundation and all that cream, which will make room for smudges and smears and what not all over your face.

But what if, there was a very easy way to get rid of all that heavy makeup? What if, there was a natural remedy found in every other household that we often tend to overlook? Well, fret you not, because it’s something as simple as Coconut Oil, yes you read that right, coconut can be used to get rid of your winter wedding makeup very efficiently.

Now, not only is coconut oil known for how diverse it is in terms of usage but also for how effective it is in practically everything it is used for. Say goodbye to your cleansing wipes and your favorite makeup remover that you ordered, Coconut Water is here to take over. Not only is it more cost friendly, but it also happens to make your skin look even clearer than before.

Having trouble keeping your lashes in place whilst rubbing your face off vigorously? Just take a small portion of oil and keep rubbing over your eyelids till the concealer comes off. In the case of some oil getting into your eyes, do not panic. It does not sting or hurt at all!

Massage the oil onto your face with your palms in a circular motion, ensuring that all parts of your face have been in contact with the oil. Follow up by using a warm towel to gently press your face and wipe off all that oil. The result? A fresh, moisturized face that you can finally go to bed with

The reason coconut oil works so well is because it has the ability to break down substances that are found in makeup products, which happen to be waterproof. Not only does it get rid of the makeup, it also leaves a soothing after-sensation as the skin feels more moisturized and fresh than before. Plus, the tropical smell makes it even better. It’s like a short trip to a tropical island right after that heavy winter wedding.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your makeup removers. A new Sheriff is in town in the form of Coconut Oil. Stay happy, be healthy, and unravel the beauty, that is Coconut Oil!