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2 Products that Will Solve All Your Dandruff Problems

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  • Dryness of scalp leads to dandruff.
  • After a mild shampoo, mix Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut oil and massage it into your hair.
  • Let it set in for 5 minutes and rinse off using cold water as cold water closes off your pores.
  • Rub your hair off using a towel but don’t keep it on.

Seeing someone vigorously scratch their head is a huge turn-off. Even though dandruff is not contagious and actually caused due to scalp dryness, no one really wants to get up and close with someone who always has one hand in their hair. Don’t even get us started on how awful those dandruff flakes look on the shoulder. It can be difficult to tell what is causing your dandruff so in general it is best to treat fungus and dryness.

Here is the treatment that works the best but you have to follow the steps exactly

  • Start with a mild moisturizing shampoo.
  • Mix one part Apple Cider vinegar and one part coconut oil.
  • Massage into your scalp and work out to your ends.
  • Let it set for 5 minutes! This is the secret. You have to give the apple cider vinegar enough time to work.
  • Rinse your hair with COLD water! It has to be cold to close your pores back up.
  • Use a towel to dry your hair but do not leave it on your head. Leaving the towel on your head can create a moist, dark environment and we want air and light to hit your scalp.

Also, check out our article on home remedies to get rid of dandruff. And yes, do not get confused between dry scalp and dandruff, both of them are different hair problems. For more blogs on hair care, check out our hair care blog section.