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winter hair fall

4 ways to deal with winter hair fall

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  • Hair shedding in winter is common in people of all ages and aspects of life.
  • Dandruff, dry environment,  dry scalp, and genetics are some common causes for hair fall in winter.
  • Regular combing, oil massage and applying hair packs of 
  • Henna, Egg mask or milk curd can heal this problem.

Winter is the time of badminton, cakes, date juice, fresh vegetables, and fun. But the fun part doesn’t last long when you are beset with hair fall. Winter has come and your hair is falling like the dry leaves. Allow us to take you through some winter hair care tips for hair loss in winter.


Hair shedding in winter is common in people of all ages and aspects of life but that doesn’t mean excessive hair fall in winter is normal. It is not and none should tolerate extreme hair shedding in winter. Once the balding process is done, there is nothing much to do. Prevention is better than cure, believe this wise saying, and take care of your precious hair.

  Winter hair fall is considerably common in aged people. But if it’s happening to you in your teenage, late twenties, or early thirties then it should be dealt with proper care and treatment. 


First of all, you should find out the reason for hair fall in winter. The cause of hair fall in winter can be different for each person. One of the main reasons for hair fall in winter is not combing hair. If the cause of the hair fall is genetic, then a consultation with a doctor is needed. Seek help and prescription from a well-known dermatologist and follow the suggestions consistently for a better result.


The causes of hair fall in Winter

The reason for hair fall in winter can be many. Hair loss in winter is difficult to cure if it’s a genetic problem. But it is not impossible. Winter hair fall is a seasonal problem for some people, as soon as winter is gone their hair fall rate gets decreased gradually.

Possible causes for hair loss in winter:

  • Dandruff is the main cause of  hair loss in winter.
  • The dry environment
  • Dry scalp
  • Genetics


How to take care of hair in winter naturally

Hair loss in winter is curable. People often seek winter hair care tips for hair loss in winter from different sources like YouTube, Google, quora, etc. Because we live in an age of technology. Again every human being is special in their way and their physical, genetic capacity, and tone are different from one another. One thing might work for someone and for someone else, that remedy might not work that well. 


Now, let’s discuss 4 ways to deal with hair fall.

4 Ways To Prevent Winter Hair Fall

1. Combing:

We comb our hair every day. But there are certain rules to follow to get the best possible result.

    1.  Divide your hair into small sections and then detangle them gently with a wide-tooth comb. 
    2. Never run a comb randomly on your scalp. 
    3. Don’t comb wet hair because the root is soft and can come out easily. 
    4. Use your hand as your comb on your wet hair to remove the spikes. 
    5. Always dry your hair before going out or going to sleep.  
    6. Winter hair care tips include combing hair regularly which will remove the dry skin of your scalp, combing ensures blood circulation and helps the growth of hair. 

2. Oil massage:

Lack of nutrition causes dry scalp and dandruff, especially in winter. Massage your scalp with Coconut Oil to nourish your scalp. Caressing your scalp with Coconut Oil will help to increase blood circulation and nourish your hair from root to tip.

Warm the solid Coconut Oil in sunlight and let it melt. Then apply it on the scalp of your head.  This is the most common winter hair care tip and by applying warm coconut oil religiously winter hair fall problems can be reduced up to 70%. This oil massage technique helps new hairs to grow. 


3. Apply hair packs:

Home remedies for hair fall in winter can be useful and easy to access. Some easy and renowned home remedies are –

  • Henna pack:

Paste the raw leaves of Henna and apply the juice to the root of the hair. Henna contains phenolic glycosides, xanthones, B-sitosterol glucoside which bonds with hair to make it thicker, fuller and boost volume.

  • Egg mask:

Mix an entire egg with lemon juice (quantity as per your hair) and apply it to your scalp. Egg contains vitamin D, B6, B12, zinc, iron, vitamin A, D, E, K, and lecithin. The egg is the natural protein treatment for damaged and rough hair.

  • Cow curd:

Mix Olive Oil, Aloe Vera gel, Cow Curd, and egg and apply this mixture. Curds help to prevent dandruff and hence hair fall. 

  • Warm steam:

Put the linen towel in the microwave to warm it up, then put it around your head for 10 minutes. Hair steaming helps blood circulation, heal damaged hair, and reduces dandruff from dry scalp. 

  • Methi/fenugreek:

Fenugreek seeds are high in protein and nicotinic acid which helps hair growth preventing dryness of hair, baldness, and hair thinning. 

  • Vitamin E:

Vitamin E capsules are used as a supplement for dry and undernourished hair. Cut 1or 2 vitamin E capsules and mix the contents with your regular coconut oil and massage this mixture properly to your scalp. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants which is effective for hair.

  • Milk mask:

Mix milk and honey and apply this ideal magic formula to your scalp. This hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes your hair with deep conditioning. Apply this regularly to say goodbye to your frizzy hair. 

4. Consult a dermatologist:

If none of the above tips are working for you, you should see a good dermatologist. Sudden changes in diet, irregular sleep or lack of sound sleep, genetic, stress, work pressure, etc., could be a potential reason for sudden or seasonal hair loss. Consulting a doctor is the best option out there in such cases. 


Who doesn’t love beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair? But to achieve the beautiful hair you need to work for it. We should never forget the fact that health is wealth and hair is the crown. So, one should never fuss about taking good care of himself and his hair no matter how busy the day is. 


Frequently Asked Questions For Hair Fall In Winter

How can I increase my hair growth in winter?

Following some hair care tips in winter can be an effective way to increase hair growth in winter. 

How can I stop hair fall in the winter season?

Regularly comb your hair and use natural ingredients like Coconut Oil and honey to help prevent hair fall in winter.

How can I treat my hair in winter?

Taking regular care and applying home remedies like a hair mask can be good ways to treat your hair in winter.

How can I stop dandruff and hair fall in winter?

Henna pack, egg mask, cow milk curd can prevent dandruff in winter.

Is mustard oil good for hair in winter?

Yes, mustard oil can be good for your hair.

How can a woman prevent hair loss at home?

Healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent hair loss in winter. 






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