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coconut oil beauty hacks

Coco Culture: Hacks to include Coconut in your daily beauty routine.

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  • Coconut holds a rank in being one of the most versatile gifts in everyday life.
  • Using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer happens to be one of the most common and trusted applications of the commodity.
  • Using Coconut Oil as a lip-balm heals the damage on the lips

It is safe to say that Coconut holds a rank in being one of the most versatile gifts in everyday life. Whether it is eaten as a fruit, used in skin-care routine, hair nourishment, or as a healthy substitute for carbonated beverages, Coconut never fails to deliver to the expectations of people. Its growing popularity is no surprise when one looks at the benefits of the previously overlooked product. Coconut Oil is enriched with saturated fats that play a key role in absorbing nutrients. Coconut milk serves as a brilliant medium for minerals including magnesium, manganese, and potassium. Taking all that into account, people seem to have given rise to what we call “Coco Culture” and rightfully so, since it is about time people start noticing and applying all the benefits of Coconut into day to day lives.
Coconut Oil benefits for hair are undeniable since it has been used for centuries to prevent hair loss and repair damaged hair. The minerals in the oil prevent aging and damage and keep hair nourished. Coconut Oil benefits for hair also include nourishment of dry hair, dandruff protection, hair conditioning and healing split ends. Also there are many benefits for Coconut Oil on scalp. Coconut Oil for scalp nourishment stands as a very important factor in hair care. Healthy scalp and healthy hair can be obtained by Coconut Oil hair massage. The benefits of head massage with Coconut Oil are numerous. For instance, it repairs dry scalp almost instantly and conditions the hair when left overnight. One way to include this item in your hair care routine is to apply a dab of it the night before shampooing. It works best when slightly warmed and lightly applied as a form of Coconut Oil hair massage on the scalp. This works wonders and makes the hair more visibly vibrant.
Your skincare routine is another place where Coconut Oil must be included since the benefits of Coconut Oil on skin are vast and mesmerizing. To start off, using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer happens to be one of the most common and trusted applications of the commodity.  Women from all around the globe swear by using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer and it works exceptionally well on dry skin. Skin tends to lose moisture as it gets exposed to the sun and pollution. However, using a little bit of Coconut Oil before bed can help retain the moisture and leave you with plump and gorgeous skin in the morning.
Benefits of Coconut Oil on skin  are not restricted to using Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. Coconut Oil as sunscreen can also be included in your skincare routine. Although experts do not suggest using Coconut Oil as an effective sunscreen, because of its low SPF, it can be used as a good moisturizer after spending time in the sun. Just put some on before applying your makeup and it will be seamless in a few minutes due to its fast-absorbing properties.
Another very important benefit of Coconut Oil on skin is how well Coconut Oil makeup remover works. Using Coconut Oil to remove makeup will not only save you a good amount ditching the expensive makeup removers, but it will also very gently wipe away all the makeup without being harsh on the skin. Other benefits of Coconut Oil makeup remover include removing makeup , moisturizing and healing skin in the process. More and more people opt to use Coconut Oil makeup remover these days. After a long day of wearing makeup for hours, you can just use a little bit of Coconut Oil on your face and use a tissue to rub it off. Then wash your face with lukewarm water afterward.
Of course, the above mentioned are not the only ways to use Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil can also be used as a lip-balm. The skin on the lip is perhaps the most sensitive and it needs special care and Coconut Oil does just that. Using Coconut Oil as a lip balm heals the damage on the lips and makes your lips extremely soft, plump, and luscious. This remedy should be used multiple times a day to achieve the best results. Rubbing the oil on your lips early in the morning and before going to sleep is one way to do it. Some people like to make a Coconut Oil and sugar scrub and apply that in the morning before washing their face.
It just goes to show that Coconut Oil is an extremely versatile commodity and it can be used in multiple ways for hair and skincare. Benefits of Coconut Oil on skin are plenty with the use of Coconut Oil as a moisturizer, Coconut Oil as sunscreen, Coconut Oil as lip-balm and Coconut Oil as makeup remover. Furthermore, Coconut Oil benefits for hair are no less with the extensive and reliable use of Coconut Oil for scalp in the form of Coconut Oil hair massage. People from all around the world seem to have discovered or rather rediscovered the benefits of this age-old remedy for skin and hair care, thus contributing to the “Coco Culture”, which is here to stay and there’s no reason to take our word for it. Experts and experiments state very clearly the properties, uses, and benefits of Coconut Oil. If that does not suffice either, just try it out. You will not regret it.
If you’re suffering from different hair issues, then check out our blog on how you can use coconut oil to treat hair problems. You can read more about coconut and its hair benefits in our blogs from hair care blog section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

  • Is it OK to use Coconut Oil on your face?

The minerals in Coconut Oil make the skin healthy and vibrant.
  • How do you use Coconut Oil as a beauty routine?

Many people do this by applying Coconut Oil to their face with or without other ingredients at night or in the morning.
  • What can I mix with Coconut Oil for glowing skin?

Mixing Coconut Oil and honey in equal proportions and applying it as a face-pack has been proven to leave wonderfully glowing skin.
  • Does Coconut Oil improve skin?

 Benefits of Coconut Oil on skin has been proven to include healing of inflamed skin or acne.
  • Can you use Coconut Oil on your skin every day?

Coconut Oil happens to be very mild on the skin and therefore can be used every day without any side effects.







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