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winter hair problem and solution

Winter Bothering You? Common Hair Issues And How To Fix Them

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  • Coconut milk and Argan Oil can work effectively to make hydrating hair masks.
  • Use silk or satin cover in bed before sleeping.
  • You can get rid of the dryness of hair if you massage Coconut Oil in the scalp and hair for 10 minutes properly.

As winter affects our daily life, it has an impact on our body, skin and hair too. You might be wondering, is hair fall common in winter? Or how to treat dandruff in winter. But the reality is that the weather gets rough in winter so there’s an adverse effect on skin and hair. Humidity reduces in winter and consequently hair and scalp dry up a bit. Also hair and scalp may face some other problems like winter hair fall which is quite common in winter. Dryness may bring problems in hair and scalp like dandruff in winter. Apart from these, hair fall, weakening of the hair root, lifelessness in hair, split ends of hair and many other problems may persist.

So for these reasons hair demands extra care in winter. Since there are various hair related problems in winter, some winter hair care tips to take care of the problems have been discussed here in detail.

Common Hair Issues And Solutions

1. Disheveled hair like straw

As humidity reduces hair may dry up a bit. Eventually hair tends to be brittle and looks like dry straw. Especially people with curly hair may face this problem in winter more.


Using a hair dryer less may be the winter hair care home remedy to this problem. Heat of the hair dryer may damage the hair. Apart from these, you can use hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If you are using hair masks, check if the ingredients of the hair mask are hydrating or not. Coconut milk and Argan Oil can be effective ingredients to make a hydrating hair mask. Also use silk or satin cover in bed before sleep. This will ensure that your bed cover does not absorb the natural moisture of your hair. Also you can use any other moisturizers before going to sleep which is one of another effective winter hair care home remedies.

2. Static hair

As your hair gets static due to less humidity, hair becomes too straight which looks odd. So straight hair needs extra care in winter.


Try to keep yourself hydrated. This winter hair care routine will reduce the adverse effect of dry air on hair. Use more hydrating shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair. You can use an Ionic hair dryer. This is not a regular hair dryer and does not damage your hair like other hair dryers. Keep some dryer sheets in your bag. If you feel your hair is dishevelled just apply some dryer sheets softly on it. Also you can take some hand cream and apply it gently on hair which will help to maintain the hair. And last, use silk covers in your pillows. This is one of another effective winter hair care home remedies.

3. Splitting hair

Split end is a major problem which prevents the growth of hair. You cannot do any hair styling for split ends and also it will look odd. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to visit the beauty parlour to get a fix for split ends and hence we are here with the home remedy.


The easiest solution to treat split ends is to cut off the split ends of your hair. But before cutting the ends you should ensure that you know the extent to which your hair ends are split in order to cut the split ends off properly. You could use binding creams at the ends of split hair if you don’t want to cut it off.

4. Tangled hair

As people wear heavy jackets and scarfs in winter, the hair near the neck tangles easily. This makes the hair look odd and ruins any hair style.


If you wear heavy jackets, keep your hair on the sides or on your back. Or you can make bangs in the front side. This can help your hair stay free from tangles. But if you have to keep your hair long, you can make a ponytail to avoid tangles.

5. Dryness of hair and itching

Heat in the room and dryness of the outdoors make the hair and scalp dry. Dryness in the scalp brings out itching which is another common winter problem.


Although shampoo helps to get rid of the dirt in your hair, it also makes the hair dry. So for dry itchy scalp treatment, use less shampoo and more moisturizer during winter. Also, Coconut hair mask can be another winter hair care routine to get rid of dryness. Massage your hair for 10 minutes to get rid of the dryness. But don’t scratch your scalp in winter. You can rub with your hands gently.

6. Disheveled hair from wearing hats

A hat or a cap is a good fashion accessory in winter. But this also can reduce the moisture of hair and make the hair dry.


Apply a moisturizing conditioner in winter. You can use those types of conditioners which don’t need washing. If you blow dry your hair let it cool down first, then wear a hat. The heat of blow dry makes hair lifeless and harsh. Also just shake your hair a bit after taking off the hat, which will make your hair a bit tidy.

7. Lifeless hair

Hair is naturally shiny in summer, but the scenario is different in winter. Hair may be a bit lifeless in chilling weather for several reasons.


To bring back the shine of hair the best solution is to use a light serum which not only brings back the shine but also makes the hair silky and lively. Combination of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil can bring back the liveliness of your hair and make your hair soft, silky, and supple. This is one the most useful winter hair tips.


Check out our hair care blog section for more such articles on hair care.

Frequently Asked Questions On Common Winter Problems

How to keep the  your hair hydrated in winter

Dryness in winter also reduces the moisture or water in your hair which makes the hair dry and may be the cause of dandruff in winter. Oil can be used as a moisturizer for this problem. Use oils enriched with Omega-3. Also wear silk scarves at night. You can also use silk or satin covers in bed for hair care during winter. Eat sufficient water regularly which is an excellent natural hair care solution.

Should oil be used in winter?

Yes. Dry hair absorbs oil quickly. It is needed to keep the moisture and water level of dry hair to avoid various hair-related problems. Oil works as an effective moisturizer for your hair which prevents split ends of the hair.

How can you keep your hair healthy in winter?

The best way to maintain your hair in winter is to keep your hair moisturized. As the hair dries a bit it needs nutrition. Avoid using excessive hot water in hair. Blow drying with extra heat, going out with wet hair makes the hair vulnerable. So apart from using regular moisturizer also follow other necessary rules. There are some efficient winter hare care home remedies that you can try.

You can keep the beauty of your hair during winter. Just take care of your hair depending on the type and problems. It will make the hair bright, shiny and silky. This is how you do natural hair care in winter.

However, please note that the above tips and answers are generic information only reproduced from common knowledge, and should in no way be considered as an alternative to qualified medical advice or advice from skincare experts. Hence, for specialist advice or medical advice, please consult your doctor or dermatologist.











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