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Perfect Sister’s Day Date with Lana’s Gift Basket

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Sisters; It may be a single word, but it is one that portrays love, bonding, memories, and so much more. Our sisters and we may fight; we may quarrel; but at the end of the day, we support one another through thick and thin. Sisters guide and protect each other as well as they can.

August 2nd is the National Sister’s Day; A day to celebrate that special bond of sisterhood! So this goes out to all the Sisters who’ve made our lives wonderful!

On this auspicious day, Lana surprised her younger sister Mona. Let’s see how the surprise went!

Mona woke up to find a gift basket wrapped in a purple ribbon along with a card that said ‘Happy Sister’s Day, kiddo! ~ Love Lana.’

As she was opening the ribbon, she noticed that Lana had walked in with breakfast in a tray! How delightful! Mona smiled and took the tray, in the meantime, asking Lana, “What is all this?” Lana smiled and replied, “finish your breakfast”.

After breakfast, Lana went and brought the gift basket. They were sitting by the garden; a rather sunny day. She opened the basket and brought out two mason jars. One of them was labeled ‘Face Mask’ and the other ‘Leave in Hair Treatment’.

It was their day off and needless to say, they spared no words until they were comfortably lying on their beach chairs soaking up the sunshine with the Face mask.

“What is this, sis?”, asked Mona. “It’s made of Coconut Oil, Honey and Turmeric; great for rejuvenating your skin, keeping it acne free and restoring glow to your skin.”



“Recently my hair has been acting rather frizzy and dry. I’ve tried out a few products, but they haven’t worked. What can I do about it?” asked Mona.

“Well, I know you too well, little sister. Which is why I have already prepared something to take care of your hair problem. Now sit here, so I can fix your hair!”, said Lana as she started dividing up Mona’s hair into sections to massage Coconut oil into it.


“Ah! That is really something! I quite needed that relaxing massage. I hope it does its magic on my frizzy hair too”, said Mona.

“Patience, little sister! You just lay back and relax.”, smiled Lana.

It was time for them to hit the showers. Lana handed Mona another Mason jar- this one labeled ‘Body Scrub’.


“Anything else?”, Mona grinned.

“Nope! Just this Soap that I made for you”, Lana handed her a soap

as she finished those words.


Moments later, Mona walked out of the shower feeling fresh and lively.

“I absolutely love how this Soap smells! And look! It makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized! Thank you, sis! You’re the best sister anyone has ever had!”, exclaimed Mona joyously!

“Well hold on there. There’s still one last thing in the basket!”, smirked Lana while tying up her hair into a bun. She had also just had her shower.

“WHAT!”, Mona was not literally overwhelmed with joy, love and respect for her sister. She thought to herself “Lana truly understands me and loves me in a way no one else ever could. I pray and hope that she finds all the happiness in the world and more!”

Lana opened the last jar. This one read ‘Body Butter’. She scooped some butter and offered it to Mona. They both slathered it on their skin as they felt its natural goodness and soothing aroma filled their minds and hearts. They felt relaxed.

“The routine was complete. Now it was time for an afternoon nap. What a beautiful Sister’s day it has been, indeed!”, thought Mona to herself before she gently slipped into slumber.