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Pre-Shampoo Oiling: Why it works and how to do it

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·         Shampoo strips hair from its natural oils along with dirt and impurities.

·         To prevent this, it is recommended that one opt for a pre-shampoo treatment with Coconut oil.

·         Heat up Coconut oil and apply it to your hair some 4-8 hours before you shampoo your hair.

·         Apply once every 10 days to prevent hair fall and breakage.

Shampoo removes dirt, impurities and oils from hair, leaving it clean. However, when the hair is too clean, problems arise. Sebaceous gland produces an oil called Sebum which is hair’s natural moisturizer. This oil creates a protective coat on hair that prevents water from evaporating and helps to keep the hair hydrated, healthy and soft. This barrier also keeps water out of hair. When water comes into contact with hair, it swells it up. Once dry, hair contracts again. This process is called hygral fatigue and it is not good for hair. It causes the hair to become weak, dry and prone to breakage.

To prevent this process, a pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil is an effective practice. The extra oil reduces the amount of water our hair soaks up during washing. This results in ensuring that some of the oil is still left on hair to keep it naturally soft and hydrated. This will help people who are suffering from hair breakage or hair loss.



·         You have to choose an oil that is able to penetrate hair, such as Coconut oil.

·         Since oil takes time penetrate the hair, it is best to apply it 4 to 8 hours before washing the hair.

·         If you are planning to wash your hair first thing in the morning, coconut oil should be applied before going to bed the previous night.

·         The amount of oil needed depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

·         It is always good to heat up the oil before application so it can spread throughout hair more easily and evenly. However, the oil needs to be warm, not hot.

·         This practice should be maintained once every ten days or more frequently depending on the condition of your hair.